Product information and prices

One Dialogipalikat® contains nine birch cubes made of Finnish wood. The blocks are packed in a cardboard box and can be carried in an off-white canvas bag with the text Dialogue Blocks. A quick guide with exercises will help you get started using the dialog blocks. In addition, there is a guidebook (44 pages) that explains the dialogue in more detail and provides tips on how to use the blocks. A guide video is also included. Watch a short introductory video.

Dialogue blocks 150 euros + VAT

  • Includes Dialog Blocks, Cardboard Box, Tote Bag, Quick Start Guide and Guidebook. A tutorial video is also included.
  • Recommended for, for example, work groups and teams, individual and small group work, and work supervision.
  • The dialog blocks allow you to work well alone, in pairs or with a group of 1-6 people.
  • Price: 150 euros + VAT 24%, a total of 186 euros.

Dialog blocks 4 pcs “set” 400 euros + VAT

  • The set includes four Dialog Blocks, four cardboard boxes, four canvas bags, and four Quick Start Guides and Guidebooks. A tutorial video is also included.
  • The set is recommended for schools, educators and larger communities.
  • With the help of the set, 20-24 people can work in small groups of 1-6 people.
  • Price: 400 euros + VAT 24%, a total of 496 euros.

Orientation and dialogue workshops

  • We also help plan the use of Dialogue Blocks and organize dialogue workshops. Post a message and ask for more.

Terms of delivery

  • Domestic packing and postage costs: 15 euros
  • For individuals we deliver the blocks by cash on delivery, for companies we send an invoice in connection with the order confirmation.

Product information and dimensions:

  • In a cardboard box, nine birch cubes and a guidebook
  • Cube size 45 x 45 x 45 mm.
  • Box size 150 mm x 150 mm x 60 mm.
  • Tote bag size: 26 x 32.5 cm, approx. A4 size.
  • Length of carrying straps 30 cm.
  • The bag is 100% cotton.
  • The dialog blocks, box, guidebook and bag weigh a total of 750 grams.
  • Dialogue! Possibilities of mutual encounter – the guidebook was written by Aino Käärinen & Kaijus Varjonen.
  • Manufacturing process: Birch blocks are manufactured by Puumeka Oy, a carpentry company in Espoo.
  • Markings on the blocks are made by MLP-merkkaus Oy from Riihimäki.
  • The corrugated box comes from Napakka Oy and the canvas bag from Promic Oy.
  • The quick guide is made by the Arch Method and the guidebook Unigraphy.
  • The guide video has been made by students of Laurea University of Applied Sciences.