Dialogue blocks help to better understand oneself and others and different ways of interacting. This can, for example, improve the functioning of teams and promote well-being at work and study.

Using dialog blocks can initially cause confusion and uncertainty. Even picking up blocks can be exciting. However, this confusing atmosphere is very fruitful for dialogues. No one is sure what exactly is at stake here or where to get here. No one can be right or misuse blocks – against the rules – because they don’t exist.

Dialogue blocks can be used in all kinds of discussions, but they work especially well in coaching, teaching, training. in work supervision, team meetings and self-examination. Dialog blocks can be used during the introduction phase of groups or when you want to talk about interaction. Dialog blocks can be used for a short time or longer – depending on the user’s time and goals.

When you order the Dialog Blocks, you get a guidebook, a quick guide, and a guide video to help you get started with the blocks. See also different User Experiences here!