Dialog blocks updated based on user experience

We’ve updated the Dialog Blocks during spring and fall 2020 based on user experiences. The new blocks are made of Finnish birch in Espoo and the texts on the blocks are marked in Riihimäki. See here for a brief product introduction.

The dialogue blocks are made of Finnish birch wood. Dialog blocks include a guidebook that explains dialogicity and Dialog blocks. In addition, we’ve included a quick guide with exercises that makes it easy to get started with the blocks. We have also compiled a set of 4 Dialog Blocks, which includes four Dialog Blocks. Dialogue blocks are often used by schools, educators, and communities that have had the need to have more blocks for small group work. The set allows the blocks to work and share ideas at the same time for 20-24 people in small groups of 3-6 people. Dialog blocks are easy to carry in the stylish cloth bags that come with it. Bags can also be utilized for work. The dialog blocks are presented in more detail in the Product Information and Prices section.


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