Dialogue blocks as a Christmas present!

Little Christmas season is here! Does your work community need encouragement or help with interaction? Dialogue blocks are a great and useful gift for both staff and partners.

By ordering yours before 15.12.2020, you will receive the blocks pre-packaged.

Dialog blocks updated based on user experience

We’ve updated the Dialog Blocks during spring and fall 2020 based on user experiences. The new blocks are made of Finnish birch in Espoo and the texts on the blocks are marked in Riihimäki. See here for a brief product introduction.

The dialogue blocks are made of Finnish birch wood. Dialog blocks include a guidebook that explains dialogicity and Dialog blocks. In addition, we’ve included a quick guide with exercises that makes it easy to get started with the blocks. We have also compiled a set of 4 Dialog Blocks, which includes four Dialog Blocks. Dialogue blocks are often used by schools, educators, and communities that have had the need to have more blocks for small group work. The set allows the blocks to work and share ideas at the same time for 20-24 people in small groups of 3-6 people. Dialog blocks are easy to carry in the stylish cloth bags that come with it. Bags can also be utilized for work. The dialog blocks are presented in more detail in the Product Information and Prices section.


Dialogue blocks in Kaijus’ hands

Since the beginning of 2010, the dialogue blocks have been a joint journey of Aino Kääriäinen and Kaijus Varjonen. The idea of putting the words of dialogue into wooden blocks was Aino’s. Together, we have made Dialogue Block’s work tools and collaborated on blocks for ten years. Besides us, we have received help from many people throughout the journey.

The story of the dialogue blocks involves many family members, friends and partners. Recently, we had so much of our own rush that it was hard to find a common time with the Dialogue Blocks.

However, I was interested in continuing with the blocks. They felt they still had a long way to go in promoting dialogue interaction skills. In my own work as a polytechnic lecturer, I am amazed at their benefits once again. Telework has also highlighted the importance of interaction. Good interaction is important both remotely and face to face. Dialog blocks can be used to realize and improve both your own and common interactions.

In May 2020, Dialogipalikat® was transferred from Amidea to Kaijus Varjonen and the auxiliary business name was created: Dialogipalikat. I would like to thank the only one for the dialogue that continues, for example, on a joint research article on blocks. Preliminary results are encouraging.

The only idea was that the Dialog Blocks would be like those one well-known orange-handled scissors, known for their quality and working. We intend to continue that idea.

Kaijus & the Dialogipalikat Team


Dialogue Blocks are useful and inspiring

I am a senior lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences and I have used the English version of Dialogue Blocks on the international degree programmer in Social Services.

The degree program is taught in English. We have used Dialogue Blocks to enhance collaborative interaction, and we have discussed how dialogue manifests in different countries.

We have also looked at how dialogue applies to our work with social services clients. The blocks have helped us to understand the elements of good dialogue and have thus stimulated better communication with and between students. The Dialogue Blocks are useful in promoting thoughtful collaboration and this is important for me as a teacher.

February 2016