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Little Christmas season is here! Does your work community need encouragement or help with interaction? Dialogue blocks are a great and useful gift for both staff and partners. By ordering yours before 15.12.2020, you will receive the blocks pre-packaged.


We’ve updated the Dialog Blocks during spring and fall 2020 based on user experiences. The new blocks are made of Finnish birch in Espoo and the texts on the blocks are marked in Riihimäki. See here for a brief product … Lue lisää


Since the beginning of 2010, the dialogue blocks have been a joint journey of Aino Kääriäinen and Kaijus Varjonen. The idea of putting the words of dialogue into wooden blocks was Aino’s. Together, we have made Dialogue Block’s work tools … Lue lisää


The blocks have helped us to understand the elements of good dialogue and have thus stimulated better communication with and between students. The Dialogue Blocks are useful in promoting thoughtful collaboration and this is important for me as a teacher. Lue lisää

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