Together for better interaction!

Dialogue blocks help you to better understand yourself and others and different ways of interacting. This can, for example, improve the functioning of teams and promote well-being at work and study. 

We already use dialogue blocks in several universities, polytechnics, vocational schools and primary schools.

We use dialogue blocks in both individual and group work, e.g. work communities, work supervision and family and social work. And now you can try them too!

"Dialog blocks make it easier to talk about pretty personal things, such as your own interaction skills."

-University student

Dialogue blocks can be used in all kinds of discussions, but they work especially well in coaching, teaching, training. in work supervision, team meetings and self-examination. 

Dialog blocks can be used during the introduction phase of groups or when you want to talk about interaction. Dialog blocks can be used for a short time or longer – depending on the user’s time and goals.