Dialogipalikat in English

The Idea

The Dialogue Blocks® have been produced to simplify co-operation and create understanding in co-operative environments. The blocks are made of wood that, as a natural material, reminds us of the layers of life. There is more to human beings than meets the eye. The ring and knots in the wooden blocks symbolize our past and the baggage that we carry.

The Dialogue Blocks® assist users in perceiving both the destructive and constructive elements of dialogue. It should be noted, however, that we do not try to reduce dialogue into a simple technique. There are no rules or ready-made recipes and we ourselves have avoided prescribing strict instructions dictating the usage of the ‘Dialogue Blocks®’.

How to Use Dialogue Blocks®

Dialogue Blocks® can be used in a variety of situations, but they are especially useful for facilitating conversation in group-work settings and are particularly useful for problem solving or self-reflection purposes. Similarly, they are an excellent tool for guidance, counselling and tuition.

Our aim is to create possibilities for new encounters in everyday situations. After reading this booklet you may have the feeling that Dialogue Blocks® are a magic tool to fix any problems with dialogue. However, the blocks are merely a tool for achieving reciprocal relationships. There still needs to be a willingness and capacity to do the work.

Buy Dialogue Blocks® now!

Dialogue Blocks® are handmade by Nikari Oy at Fiskars in Finland. The material of box and blocks are Finnish oak. Dialogipalikat® is a trademark. Copyright Aino Kääriäinen© and Kaijus Varjonen©

A set of Dialogue Blocks® consists of 9 wooden blocks in a wooden box made of Finnish oak. You’ll also get a PDF booklet in English to get started with the blocks. DIALOGUE! Possibilities for reciprocal encounters is intended as a ‘quick start’ guide to familiarize our audience with the blocks and hopefully inspire unique ways in which the blocks can be used within collaborative situations.

Order your own set (340 € + postage) via email: info@dialogipalikat.fi.

Behind the Idea

Aino Kääriäinen PhD (SocSc), Adjunct Professor and University Lecturer (social work), University of Helsinki, aino.kaariainen@helsinki.fi

Kaijus Varjonen Senior Lecturer in Social Services, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, kaijus.varjonen@laurea.fi